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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions investors ask about Arrived and how to start building wealth today

How are share prices calculated?
Will I lose my investment if Arrived stops operating?
Why are some homes partially funded with a mortgage?
When can I expect a dividend?
How do I add a beneficiary to my account?
How do single-family homes compare to other home types in the rental market?
How are dividend amounts determined for individual properties?
Will Arrived refinance properties in the future?
What does it mean if my share price is down?
Why are Arrived investments designed only for long term holds?
What is the SEC?
Who pays for ongoing property expenses like repairs, taxes, & insurance?
How is rent determined?
What is the difference between a levered and non-levered property?
What fees do investors pay to property managers?
Why does Arrived seek out two-year leases for tenants?
How does Arrived choose which homes to acquire?
How does Arrived manage its rental homes?
What is Arrived's tenant selection strategy?
What to expect if my property is still seeking a tenant?
Can I cancel my trade?
Can I invest with an IRA?
How does Arrived determine the rent price?
How do you ensure the privacy of tenants is protected?
What Returns Can I Expect From Arrived Properties?
What happens if there is negative Cash Flow due to a loss of renter or unplanned expenses?
What is the anticipated holding period and what happens to the property afterward?
What happens if I want to liquidate/sell my investment before the end of the target investment period?
What is the minimum Initial Investment?
Who can invest in Arrived properties?
Will I have any responsibilities for managing properties I invest in?
Who has responsibility to manage the property and renters?
How often is Property Cash Flow distributed to investors?
How do I get updated on the progress of my investments?
As an investor am I liable if any lawsuits / accidents occur at the property?
I am interested in investing with Arrived, how do I get started?
Why am I not getting emails from Arrived when new properties launch?
What do the single family residential rental statuses mean?
What does the eviction process look like?
Does Arrived have a mobile app?
Does Arrived have an Android app?
How often are property updates refreshed on a property page?
What properties do we add monthly updates to?
What financial reporting is available once a property is operating?
What are the next steps with my Wefunder reservation?
What does it mean when a property is fully funded?
Why can't I access the Arrived mobile app on iOS?
What is Stabilized Occupancy Rate?
Everything appears to be sold out, when are more properties coming?
How does Arrived determine when to sell an individual property?
How do I update my accreditation status?
Can international folks or non U.S. citizens invest in Arrived?
Who can help answer any remaining questions I have about Arrived?
How does Arrived name properties?
I only see sold out homes, when will you get new inventory?
How does Arrived manage unlawful occupancy evictions?