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What happens if I want to liquidate/sell my investment before the end of the target investment period?
What happens if I want to liquidate/sell my investment before the end of the target investment period?

The Arrived share liquidation process

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Historically, real estate returns have been maximized when treated as a long-term investment, hence why Arrived investments are designed to be held over multiple years. That said, Arrived offers various investment products with different hold times and liquidity options to match individual investor goals.

For The Arrived Single Family Residential Fund and The Arrived Private Credit Fund

The Arrived Single Family Residential Fund has adopted a redemption plan designed to provide investors with an option for liquidity. At any time after six months following a particular investment, an investor may request a redemption of all or any portion of their shares, which, if approved, will be redeemed at the then current Share Price (or NAV per Share) at the end of the quarter.

The redemption plan is subject to certain limitations and may incur fees depending on the holding period. For more information on liquidity, see our help articles below.

For Individual Rental Properties (Single Family Residences & Vacation Rentals)

Currently, investors will need to plan to hold their individual property shares for the full investment period until the property is sold and investors are paid their proportional proceeds from the sale. Single family residences have an estimated hold period of 5-7 years, and Vacation Rental properties have an estimated hold period of 5-15 years (learn more here). We anticipate filing a secondary trading market with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) as an option for liquidity during the investment period; however, there can be no guarantee when that will be available. Please submit your email if you would like to be notified of future developments.


There is currently no public trading market for our Interests, and an active market may not develop or be sustained. There is no guarantee that appropriate regulatory approval to permit such secondary trading will ever be obtained. If an active public trading market for our securities does not develop or is not sustained, it may be difficult or impossible for you to resell your shares at any price before the end of the investment period. Even if a public market does develop, the market price could decline below the amount you paid for your shares, and there may be fees involved. Please refer to our offering circular for more details regarding potential distributions. With respect to any fund style products that we develop in the future or have developed, we intend to allow for limited liquidity through a redemption program that will have fees attached. Please see the relevant offering circular for further details.

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