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How does share redemption for the Private Credit Fund work?
How does share redemption for the Private Credit Fund work?
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The following information on share redemption and liquidity applies to the Private Credit Fund. For liquidation information on individual properties, please visit the corresponding Help Center question here.

The Arrived Private Credit Fund has adopted a redemption plan designed to provide investors with liquidity options. Once an investor has held their investment for six months, they can request a redemption of all or a portion of their shares. If approved, the redemption will occur at the quarter's end and at the current Share Price (or NAV per Share). Visit our offering circular to learn more.

Timing Considerations:

Investors may request the redemption of their fund holdings six months after their initial investment. Arrived has four redemption windows per year. Once the redemption window closes, we will review the requests within 7 business days and pay the request within the following 10 calendar days. A transaction must be held for at least 6 months to be eligible for liquidation in a given redemption window.

Last day to request redemption

Liquidation Request Reviewed by

Request paid out by

Quarter 1:




Quarter 2:




Quarter 3:




Quarter 4:




Redemption Costs:

The Arrived Private Credit Fund has been designed with the intent to maximize returns for investors by being held for a long period of time. However, depending on when you decide to redeem your shares, there may be a redemption cost. The purpose of this cost is to offset costs that other shareholders have to bear when providing that early liquidity. The table given below outlines the costs based on the timing of the redemption request from the initial investment. Please note that the cost will be a percentage of the current share price at the time of redemption, which may be lower or higher than the initial share price.

Additional Considerations:

While we strive to handle all liquidation requests promptly, it's important to note that liquidation requests have certain limitations. At the fund level, and in light of the SEC’s current guidance on redemption plans, we generally intend to limit redemptions to no more than 20.00% of the NAV of all of our common shares outstanding during any calendar year. We generally intend to limit redemptions to no more than 5.0% of the NAV of those common shares outstanding for any calendar quarter. For further details, other limitations and information, refer to the offering circular to learn more.

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