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What loan areas will the Arrived Private Credit Fund focus on?
What loan areas will the Arrived Private Credit Fund focus on?
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The Arrived Private Credit Fund will typically focus on these loan areas:

New Construction

This type of financing involves providing funding for constructing entirely new residential properties. New construction financing typically covers the costs of land acquisition, permits, materials, labor, and other expenses related to building a new structure.

Bridge Loan

Bridge financing is a short-term loan bridging the gap between purchasing a new property and selling an existing one. It provides borrowers with immediate access to capital while they wait for longer-term financing or the sale of their property. Bridge loans often finance the purchase or renovation of a property to refinance or sell it within a relatively short time frame.


Renovation financing involves funding the renovation or rehabilitation of existing residential properties. This type of financing supports the refurbishment, repair, or improvement of properties to enhance their value or appeal. Renovation projects may include upgrading outdated features, repairing structural issues, or modernizing amenities.

Check out Introduction to Arrived Private Credit Fund for more details.

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