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Everything appears to be sold out, when are more properties coming?
Everything appears to be sold out, when are more properties coming?
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Yes, more properties are coming soon, and we typically release new properties in batches every 1-2 weeks. That means that at any given time the properties listed on our platform may show as sold out.

The reason for this batching is that we submit all of our investment properties to be qualified by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) before they are available for investors to fund.At any given time, we may have up to 40+ properties that are in the process of being added to the platform. To learn more about how Arrived works with the SEC, click here.

In short, due to the nature of the SEC qualification process, we often can’t pinpoint the exact date and time a new property will be available to investors to fund.

In the meantime, you can sign up to be notified when new properties are released.

1.Go to any property with a Coming Soon label, click on the property.

2. Click Notify Me and select text and/or email.

3. If you have the latest version of the Arrived iOS app, you can also enable push notifications to be notified directly through the app. We are currently working on an Android app and planning to release it in 2024.

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