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Why Would Arrived Change Property Management Partners for a Vacation Rental Property?
Why Would Arrived Change Property Management Partners for a Vacation Rental Property?
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Depending on the market, Arrived may work with a 3rd party property manager (PM) to oversee the operations of a vacation rental property. We select these partners based on several criteria, including:

  • Compliance with All Requirements: We ensure adherence to all insurance, legal, and accounting standards established by our team.

  • Extensive Market Experience: The partner must demonstrate a wealth of experience, a long-standing presence in the chosen market, and a deep understanding of what it takes for a property to excel.

  • Outstanding Guest Service: The PM maintains a stellar reputation for customer responsiveness and consistently stellar reviews.

  • Superhost/Premiere Partner Status: We prioritize property managers with titles such as Airbnb Superhost, VRBO Premier Partner, and Marriot Bonvoy distinctions.

  • Competitive Pricing: PM must be willing to offer competitive rates, especially with the potential for scale.

Why would we change PM partners?

Our commitment to providing a best-in-class vacation rental guest experience may lead us to consider changing PM partners if they cannot meet specific performance criteria such as:

  • Speed to Launch Date: Timeliness in vacation rental management is essential. Delays in launching properties can lead to missed revenue opportunities.

  • Monetization: Maximizing property revenue is a primary goal. If a PM partner's performance needs to improve regarding revenue generation, it may prompt us to explore alternative partnerships.

  • Ramp Over Time: We expect properties to achieve their revenue potential steadily over time. If a PM partner fails to demonstrate an upward trajectory in property performance, it may indicate that a change is needed.

  • Reviews: Guest reviews play a vital role in the success of a vacation rental. Consistently poor reviews reflecting negatively on the property's management may lead us to reconsider our partnership.

  • Comparison to Other Partners: We constantly assess the performance of our PM partners in relation to each other. If a partner consistently lags behind others in performance metrics, it may trigger a reevaluation of their role in our portfolio.

At Arrived, we strive to deliver exceptional vacation rental experiences. This means carefully selecting and evaluating our PM partnerships based on performance and guest satisfaction to ensure our properties remain competitive and valuable to property owners and guests. If you have any questions or concerns about our partner selection process, please contact our customer support team. For more information on how we select and enter a vacation rental market, please see our blog post.

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