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Will Arrived refinance properties in the future?
Will Arrived refinance properties in the future?
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Properties with Financing

For existing properties that have a loan, Arrived may seek to refinance if rates go down by a large enough spread to also cover the cost/fees of refinancing.

Properties with No Financing

For properties without debt (and no "Strategic Refinancing" label), Arrived does not intend to refinance the property in the future. These properties are intended to operate without leverage for the investment period. For properties without debt and labeled as "flexible financing", see below.

Properties with Strategic Refinancing label

Properties with this label may seek to add new financing earlier in the investment period if the market for long-term interest rates becomes more favorable. If a property without leverage or with low leverage is refinanced, then the cash from the refinance will usually be distributed back to investors as an early distribution. You can find the "Strategic Refinancing" label in the Property Leverage section of the property details page for any property where this is part of the investment strategy.

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