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What is the process to prepare a vacation rental for bookings?
What is the process to prepare a vacation rental for bookings?

Preparing a vacation rental for travelers takes time and effort

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Preparing a newly-funded vacation rental for bookings can take an average of 1-3 months depending on a number of factors for each property. We work with experienced design & furnishing partners that have a strong track record of standing up and operating top performing vacation rentals quickly and efficiently.

Together with these partners we:

  • Develop the initial property concept along with the potential theme and amenities

  • Determine the desired guest profile and pricing strategy

  • Lay out the renovation & design budget, as well as the estimated timeline to starting to accepting bookings

  • Complete the design drafts for the FF&E (furniture, fixtures, and equipment) and put in the orders

  • Ensure that we have all the documentation to begin the permitting process

The next few months are spent working with local contractors, furniture suppliers, and our property managers to ready not only the property but also all the additional services (cleaning, customer support, pricing optimization…etc).

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