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What are Share Prices?
What are Share Prices?
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Share Prices allow you to track the potential changes to your property investment values over time, similar to how you track your stock portfolio.

Share Prices for all Arrived investments start at $10/share when a property is initially funded (10 shares, or $100, is the minimum investment amount per home).

Beginning six months after escrow closing, we’ll use third-party estimates to update the values for each property. Single family residential Share Price values are updated beginning at 6+ months. Vacation rental properties are updated at 12+ months after initial property funding. All properties are updated each subsequent quarter.

Visit your Portfolio Page today to track long-term property value appreciation and the cash dividends portion of your overall returns. You can also view the most recent Share Price and annualized dividends for every property in the Arrived portfolio on our Historical Performance page.

To learn more about share prices::

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