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How do I manually link my bank account?
How do I manually link my bank account?
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To get started, you will need to login to your account and below you will find a step-by-step process on how to successfully link your bank account.

Step 1: Login to your account, click My Account > click Link you bank

Step 2: From here you will see three option to connect, click Manually enter bank account info

Step 3: After reading how Arrived Homes uses Plaid, please click Continue

Step 4: Click Manual, which means you will enter in your account and routing numbers with the typical turnaround time of 1-2 days to verify. Then click Continue.

Step 5: Enter in your Routing Number and Plaid showcases a resource on how to find it. Typically you can find this on a check, mobile bank app or through your online banking. Click Continue.

Step 6: Enter in your Account Number see step #5 if you are having trouble locating this number. Note, you will be asked to Confirm Your Account Number, so this action will take place twice. Click Continue.

Step 7: Select Personal or Business account. Click Continue.

Step 8: Enter in your full name to match the name on your bank account. Click Continue.

Step 9: Select Account Type and click Continue.

Step 10: Authorize Deposits and withdrawals, verify 3-letter code and then click Continue.

Step 11: Click Continue to go back to Arrived Homes, and wait for the deposit and three digits code to hit your account. Once the deposit is in your account, please navigate back to you account where you will be prompted to Verify Your Bank Account. From you, the flow will take you to a Plaid page, where you will enter in two deposit amount and three digit code. From here you will click Continue and you will be led back to Arrived so you can invest!

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