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Will I lose my investment if Arrived stops operating?
Will I lose my investment if Arrived stops operating?
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No, we have structured our investments so they continue to operate even in the event that Arrived is no longer in operation. Each property is housed in its own standalone series LLC, which has its own bank account, and separate ownership structure.

Because the investors own the property directly through the series LLC, your investment will continue to hold value as long as the underlying property retains its value. Arrived retains no material ownership stake and there is a clear separation between the company and the investment properties. In the unlikely event that Arrived ceases to operate, we would simply assign a new custodian that would make all major decisions (like what property manager to use, when to liquidate the property, etc.).

In this video from a previous webinar, Arrived VP of investments, Cameron Wu explains how investors are protected, even in the event Arrived goes out of business.

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