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What to expect if my property is still seeking a tenant?
What to expect if my property is still seeking a tenant?

You've invested in a rental property that is still seeking a tenant. Here's what you can expect from Arrived.

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We are currently focused on marketing the rental homes to prospective tenants and will email you when a new lease has been signed. Arrived's strategy for seeking tenants is focused on signing 2 year leases, achieving market rent, and thoroughly vetting applicants. Though it may take a bit more time to lease out the homes, we believe these standards provide our investors the best way to maximize returns over the long term.

Preparing the home for the rental market can be a multi-tiered process. Our investment team works closely with one of our experienced property manager partners to prepare the home for the rental market. Below is a list of some items Arrived & our property management partners complete in the marketing process:

  1. Get it show-ready

    1. We get our rental homes into tip-top shape

    2. Professionally cleaned, touch up paint, maintain flooring, fixtures, upgrade appliances

    3. Updating and maintaining the units will add to the property’s desirability and allow for a more competitive market rent

  2. Determine market rent

    1. Rental rates change very quickly depending on supply & demand in the given market.

    2. We hold-out for getting market-value rent which improves ROI for our investors

  3. Take high-quality photos and videos

    1. As real estate moves into a more virtual environment, its important to have quality photos and videos to provide to our prospective tenants (and investors!)

    2. Pictures give an accurate representation of the rental property

  4. Market online, market elsewhere

    1. Market on multiple online platforms using the professional photos and a well-crafted description that represents the rental unit

    2. For-rent signs on the property

  5. PMs to respond quickly to prospective tenant inquiries

    1. Act quickly and respond to tenants within 24-48 hours of inquiry

  6. Pre-screen tenants for self-guided, socially-distanced tours

  7. Continue on with the tenant application process.

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