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How does Arrived make money?
How does Arrived make money?
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Arrived makes money in a few ways:

Sourcing Fee (One Time) - This is the fee Arrived charges for our work involved with sourcing the property and preparing it for investment. Our experienced sourcing and underwriting team analyzes thousands of homes across the country to bring you the investment properties that we believe will provide the strongest investment returns. This is a one-time fee, and it’s already included in the raise amount and share price listed. The sourcing fee for each property is listed in the Offering Details section of each property page.

Arrived AUM (Assets Under Management) Fee (Quarterly):

The Arrived AUM (assets under management) fee is a quarterly fee paid to Arrived and helps cover the preparation of tax forms for investors, the distribution of dividends to all investors, procuring insurance policies and filing claims when applicable, ensuring property taxes and loan payments are paid, overseeing financial accounting for properties, and overseeing the property manager (rental rate competitive analysis, review of property improvements, rehab & turn work, and expense management & approval). This fee is paid out of the income from the property. The asset management fee is listed in the Offering Details section of each property page.

Agent Rebates - We collect a real estate agent rebate from the original property seller when we first buy the rental property. This fee is paid for by the previous owner of the property.

Specific details of fee's for various asset classes listed below:

Long Term Rentals:

Sourcing Fee: 3.5% of property purchase price

AUM Fee: 0.15% of property purchase price (quarterly)

Vacation Rentals:

Sourcing Fee: 5% property purchase price

Gross Rents Fee: 5% of Gross Revenue

Private Credit Fund:

AUM fee: 0.1% of Net Assets (Per Month)

Single Family Residential Fund:

AUM fee: 0.25% of Net Assets (Per Quarter)


The above categories describe how Arrived makes money. Investors also incur other expenses to third parties through the regular course of business when acquiring and managing rental homes. These other expenses can include fees already included in the original offering price (like closing fees, escrow fees, etc.) and operating expenses (like property management fees or property taxes) that are paid out of future rental income.

In this video from a previous webinar, Arrived CEO Ryan Frazier and VP of investments Cameron Wu explain how fees are structured on Arrived.

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